• Promotes the discipline of regular giving and tithing without fail
  • Makes giving and tithing a very easy process
  • Less church administration required to process donations
  • Less church administration required to send out statements
  • Provides an easy selection of all targeted fund donations desired
  • Allows for ‘over giving’ to cover transaction fees for the church
  • Lets members who can’t attend still express their appreciation for the Lord’s blessings in their own lives by giving back
  • Provides for distance-giving to continue to support vital PPBC ministries
  • Connects members and guests who want to be a part of how they see the Lord at work through PPBC!
  • Provides an opportunity for all to act in obedience to God’s leading in their lives!
Please make your tax deductible donation selection to Pleasant Plains Baptist Church and/or to numerous other ministries and outreach programs we minister with through our church here ===>>>