Our History
Established 1870
Pleasant Plains Baptist Church was organized in 1870 following a meeting believed to have taken place on the grassy plain in 1869. Its charter members were H. B. King, Uriah Helms, Mrs. Polly Ann Wilson, and Milas Hartis. Mr. Hartis was later given the old church bible. By deed dated January 24, 1870 the church was given one acre of land by Asa Helms and wife, Unica. Located about three miles from Matthews on what is now known as Pleasant Plains Road, the deed designated the land was to be held by the church “for the public worship of God as long as the church remains there.”
Soon thereafter the membership erected a simple house of worship. This building faced west, toward the “great road”. It was built in a style typical of depots of the time, with wooden benches without backs used for seating.
In the early days there was preaching Saturday evening, Sunday morning, and Sunday night once a month. A revival was held each summer for a week when the crops were laid by.
First official record for this church appeared in the minutes of the 1870 session of The Brown Creek Union Baptist Association. The session met at Deep Creek Baptist Church on October 7, 1870. Delegates sought admission into the Association for the newly constituted Pleasant Plains Baptist Church (PPBC). After careful examination of its principles, this church and its delegates were received into the Association. H. B. King was pastor, A. Helms was clerk, and total enrollment was 37.
In 1878 former pastor, Elder H. B. King (1870-1871, 1874, 1877, 1879) was charged with heresy (advocating doctrine injurious to the Baptist denomination). The minutes for the following year contain the report of the committee investigating the matter; it was finally determined that Brother King held erroneous doctrine due to lack of information. Mr. King recanted and “the brethren cheerfully forgave him.”
PPBC next drew special attention in minutes of the Brown Creek Baptist Association when in some way it presented two letters at the 1881 session. A committee was appointed to determine the true delegates and the proper letter. Here an editorial comment was injected in the minutes: “This church had given much trouble all along. They seemed to be easily torn from their moorings. This is such a sad condition. Some brethren do not seem to think of the good they might do, but want their way about things, whatever the cost may be. This church was torn up by things of this kind.”
in 1884 the name of the Brown Creek Association was changed to the Union Baptist Association. References to PPBC were fairly uniform until 1887. At that time Pleasant Plains filed complaint with the Committee on Church Reception protesting admission of a new church, New Salem, into Association membership. Reason for this action came to light in the minutes for the following year: New Salem Church held as a member and pastor the Rev. H. B. King (he having excluded from PPBC). New Salem Church then withdrew its petition for membership in the Association.
By 1891 PPBC total membership was 70. The church was proud to be one of five churches in the Association then paying their pastors $100 annually. Preaching was now held on the first and third Sundays. A new building was completed this year facing Pleasant Plains Road (was N. C. 20) and began its first Sunday School (Bible Study) with 41 enrolled with W.S. Paxton its first Superintendent of Sunday School, serving for a total of 28 years. Sunday School teachers recorded were Mrs. Jennie Grier, Miss Mollie Shannon, and Miss Maggie Honeycutt.
Nearly half the total Sunday School receipts were sent to state and foreign missions. However by 1894, home missions were being emphasized. W. S. Paxton was appointed to head this work.
In 1895 membership count was reported at 105 members and increased to 112 in 1897.
Upon request, PPBC was dismissed from Union Baptist Association and in 1897 received in the Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Baptist Association. This Association held its annual meeting at PPBC in 1906 (and again in 1921 and 1937).
In 1906 the Women’s Missionary Society was organized at PPBC. Mrs. J. J. McLendon was named its first president and continued as its leader for many years.
In 1928 PPBC roll reported 220 members.
In 1933 five additional Sunday School classrooms were built at the rear of the church. An additional 1.78 acres of adjoining land was purchased in 1939 to meet the needs of the expanding cemetery.
In 1943 the entire church building was brick veneered and the interior extensively renovated. Continued need for additional space for Sunday School use necessitated a temporary annex to be built behind the sanctuary. A fence around the cemetery was added in 1949.
Then in 1946 with the beginning of the pastorate of the Rev. James A. Hudson, PPBC reached another milestone – a full-time minister, with preaching every Sunday morning and evening.
Water and rest rooms were installed in 1952 in time for PPBC to again host the Association’s annual meeting on October 24, 1952. During this year a lot adjoining the church property was purchased by the church from Mrs. Jim Paxton. A well was drilled as the first step toward a pastorium and completed in 1954.
In 1958 and 1959, an organ was purchased through a special offering. Appearance of the cemetary was improved by sodding it. The upstairs of the pastorium was completed and additional land was acquired.
In 1961 groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the Educational Building and construction was completed in 1962 under the supervision of B. C. Fincher, Jr., chairman of the Building Committee.
In 1964 the PPBC baseball team, the “Royal Ambassadors” won a baseball league trophy. In 1965, the interior of the sanctuary was painted and wall-to-wall carpet was installed. Lights were added on the exterior of the church for evening activity convenience. In 1968 the playground was landscaped and bleachers were erected. A waterline was extended to this area. A lighting system made night games possible. In 1969 the cemetery was plotted and air conditioning units were installed in the sanctuary.
1970 was the PPBC centennial year with church enrollment of 348. A celebration was held on August 16, 1970 with former pastors (as speakers) and members. An important part of the program was the note-burning and dedication of the education building as the final payment was made that year.
In 1999 the lighted baseball field was built.
In 2005 PPBC agreed to work with the town/builders of Callonwood to provide a part of their land as an access right of way entrance to the community. In exchange, PPBC received a new fence around their ballfield behind the church, and a gift from the builders of the community of a billboard sign on the front of the property along Pleasant Plains Road. 
In 2005 the new Family Life Center was voted on to begin planning. In 2007 the fund planning started. September 23, 2007 was the PPBC groundbreaking to begin building the Family Life Center. The dedication was on June 28, 2009.
In 2012 The Welcome Center was built. It includes a common gathering area, an information area, a welcome center desk for our guests and visitors, and restroom facilities.
May 2015 The Reach contemporary service planning started. On the first Sunday in January 2016, The Reach had their first service!!
In 2016 all additions to the construction of the Family Life Center was completed in full. It includes on the first floor a gym (where the contemporary service is held every Sunday), the preschool, the youth ministry, the kitchen, the fellowship hall, and the classrooms on the 2nd floor.
In 2017 PPBC upgraded the original sign from the Callonwood gift to the electronic sign that exists there today.
Land deeded to Pleasant Plains Baptist Church:
Helms Property, 1870
Renfrow Property, 1939
Paxton Property, 1952
Phillips Property, 1959
Paxton Property, 1959
Privette Property, 1959
1870-1871   H. B. King
1872              W. C. Owen
1873              R. H. James
1874              H. B. King
1875              ———-
1876              E. David King
1877              H. B. King
1878              P. S. Reader
1879              H. B. King
1880              J. T. Brasington
1881-1882   J. J. McLendon
1883              A. C. Davis
1884              ———-
1885-1887   E. C. Williams
1888              ———-
1889              ———-
1890-1891   J. L. Bennett
1892-1894   D. A. Snider                  1895              J. J. Payseur       
1896              J. F. Morris                  1897              ———-
1898              J. F. Morris
1899-1901   A. B. Caudle
1902              ———-
1903              W. S. Walters
1904-1096   J. M. Bridges
1907              ———-
1908              W. L. Barrs
1909-1911   J. E. M. Davenport
1912              ———-
1913              ———-
1914-1916   R. D. Cross
1917              ———-
1918-1920   J. W. Snyder
1921              Hoyal Love
1922-1925   J. W. Snyder
1926-1929   C. E. Baucom
1930              ———-
1930              ———-
1931              H. G. Liner
1932-1933   John Hough
1934-1935   J. D. Marler
1936-1938   George L. Hocutt
1939              ———-
1940              J. Ivan Kiser
1941-1943   Tommy B. Deese
1944              ———-
1945              J. M. Pickler
1946-1955   James A. Hudson
1956              Luke S. Williams
1957              ———-
1958-1966   R. J. Napier
1967-1970   E. Len Weston
           -2002  Rob James
2003-             Ronald C. Riddley
Sunday School (Bible Study) Superintendents
1946-1955   James A. Hudson
1882-1910   W. S. Paxton
1911              ———-
1912-1913   J. E. Broom
1914              J. H. Wilson
1915-1919   J. E Broom
1920-1925   J. L. Shannon
1926              J. E. Hartis
1927              George Garmon 
1928              A. R. Deese
1929              A. R. Fincher
1930-1931   J. E. Hartis
1932              George Garmon
1933-1941   B. C. Fincher, Jr.
1942-1944   H. B. Thompson
1945-1946   B. C. Fincher, Jr.
1947-1951   George Garmon
1952              Sam Paxton
1953              Rea Hartis
1954-1957   B. C. Fincher, Jr.
1958              George Garmon
1959-1963   J. J. Curry
1964-1967   Kenneth Privette
1968-             B. C. Fincher, Jr.
Sandy Hastings
Donna Williams
Viola Locklear
Church Clerks
1870              A. Helms
1871              ———-
1872-1877   Asa Helms
1878-1879   D. A. King
1880-1882   L. C. Morton
1883-1884   A. Helms
1885-1886   W. S. Paxton
1887              ———-
1888              ———-
1889              ———-
1890-1894   W. S. Paxton
1895-1896   L. D. McLeod
1897              ———-
1898              L. D. McLeod
1899-1900   J. R. McLendon
1901-1903   J. E. Broom
1906              ———-
1907-1910   J. E. Broom
1911              W. E. Smith
1912              ———-
1913              ———-
1914              J. E. Broom
1915              ———-
1916-1920   J. E. Broom
1921              B. A. Russing
1922-1923   A. R. Fincher
1924              ———-
1925-1935   L. B. Helms
1936-1951   H. W. Fincher
1952-1953   Mrs. Ray W. Killough
1954              Mrs. Joe N. Broom
1955-1956   Horace Thompson
1957-             Mrs. Ray W. Killough
Women’s Missionary Union
1906-1930   Mrs. J. J. McLendon
1931-1955   Miss Jessie McLendon
1956              Mrs. L. S. Williams
1957-1959   Mrs. Ray W. Killough
1960              Mrs. Tommy Vickery
1961-1963   Mrs. W. H. Lemmond, Jr.
1964              Mrs. Ray Harper
1965              Mrs. Sam Paxton
1966-1968   Mrs. Clegg E. Price
1969-1970   Mrs. W. H. Lemmond, Jr.